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Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather is steer hide that has been tanned with tannin found in tree bark and other vegetable matter, but neither dyed nor oiled (thus explaining it’s skin like appearance). It is a full grain leather, meaning the top side has not been sanded, buffed, or otherwise corrected to the remove natural patterns and grain. Because of this, the fibers remain in tact and strong. The material is greatly influenced by its environment and will initially change color like human skin when exposed to direct sunlight. This leather ages to a beautiful dark caramel brown, and will burnish darker in spots of frequent contact. After years of field testing and observation, vegetable tanned leathers are sourced from tanneries both domestic and abroad for specific weights, tempers and aging properties. 

Hot Stuffed Leather does not describe a specific type of leather, but a process that is done to leather. Hot Stuffing literally means stuffing a hide full of animal waxes and tallows (processed animal fat) until the hide is fully impregnated through the core. This is a traditional method dating back hundreds of years. Hot stuffing creates an amazing feel, and results in a leather that will essentially take care of itself for many years as the oils and waxes from the core are drawn up to the surface. Hot stuffed leather products may arrive looking cloudy; this is excess wax which can be buffed out or allowed to wear off over time.

Harness Leather is a steer hide vegetable tanned leather that is dyed in drums and stuffed with oils and tallows. Harness is produced with strength being the #1 priority, which means it is subjected to fewer waxes and oils than other leathers to preserve the strength of the fibers. It is nice and firm even at thinner weights. Harness keeps it's shape well when split down thin so we often use it for card slots and slim models. Besides black, all of our harness will age darker over time

Old World Harness is harness leather that has been hot stuffed. 

Latigo is a steer hide that is alum tanned and drum dyed. Latigo is most easily explained as the waxed canvas of leather; it is a utilitarian tanage meant for use in all conditions. Because of the tanning process, latigo lends itself nicely to outdoor use due to it's resistance to water. Latigo will burnish in areas of high contact. It is soft like a bridle with the firm hand of a harness, which is the best of both worlds if you ask us!

English Bridle Leather is a steer hide vegetable tanned leather much like Harness Leather. The main difference is that bridle leather is impregnated with more oils to emphasize the feel and comfort of the hide. It is more luxurious to the touch and a bit waxier and softer than harness leather. We use it primarily in applications where a heavier weight leather can be accommodated. 

Chromexcel (CXL) is a steer hide leather made by the Horween® tannery in Chicago. It is the original pull up leather, hand rubbed with dyes and hot stuffed with oils resulting in beautiful dimensional tones. Chromexcel is a plyable leather, which is why it is widely used for making shoes- it will stretch to almost any shape required. 

Genuine Shell Cordovan is world renowned as the nicest leather available, made by the Horween® tannery in Chicago.  It is produced from one specific part of the horse hide, which lies under the skin and must be skillfully revealed by shaving down fibrous layers. Unlike other leathers, Shell Cordovan is a membrane. This means the leather is extremely dense - most scuffs can be buffed out with a cloth, and if regularly maintained the material will shine like new for decades. Each hide is only 2-4 sq. feet in area, and takes 6-7 months to produce. It is offered as it becomes available. 

Corter products feature a selection of 3-6 cord waxed lace depending on the desired color and application.  Lace is primarily sourced from Ohio, Maine, and India. 

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