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Bottlehook® (Special Rangefinder Edition)


For our 2017 Special Edition collection, we decided to tap another one of our interests and looked to old rangefinder cameras for inspiration. We've taken our solid brass bottlehook and coated it in black lacquer- just like an old rangefinder body. As seen in the second picture, our Rangefinder Edition Bottlehook® will brass over time and develop a beautifully worn patina as the brass wears through the paint (just like old rangefinder cameras). Limited to 250 pieces. 

A Simple and beautiful belt loop key hook that also opens bottles. Designed in house and patent pending. Version Two features steel injected stress points. All Bottlehooks carry a lifetime warranty against breakage. 

Have lots of keys? Grab a set of Signature Split Rings to compliment your bottlehook! 

-Solid lead-free Brass Bottlehook®

-Black Lacquer paint.

-Hook cast in Indiana

-Hand cut and stamped leather tab, simply write your info in ink. 

-Solid Brass O-ring made in Montana. 


Assembled in New England. 

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